Public Health Liverpool and The Life Rooms at Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust have developed a pilot for a community based mental health prevention offer which will support individuals and communities post the COVID-19 pandemic.
Part of this pilot features a Micro-Commissioning Programme aimed at mid to large sized VCSE organisations to encourage them to develop activities, initiatives and partnerships across communities to support the health and wellbeing needs of Liverpool residents. Commissioned agencies are encouraged to develop meaningful collaborations with grass roots VCSE organisations to ensure that communities have robust and varied support where they live.

The commissioned activity will focus on the following five priority areas:

  1. Parental mental health/wellbeing and resilience of families with children
  2. Social isolation/improved relationships (older adults and other vulnerable groups)
  3. Employability linked to direct pandemic impacts (e.g. furlough, business closures, health impacts preventing work)
  4. Physical activity to enhance mental health
  5. Marginalised groups 

We have awarded funding to the following organisations and activity will take place over the next 12 months. Michael Crilly, Director of Social Inclusion and Participation said; 

We are so lucky to have such a diverse and vibrant voluntary sector in our City. The sector played a vital role in supporting our communities during the pandemic. As we work towards recovery, we are proud to commission such an inspirational range of VCSE organisations seeking to support our communities’ wellbeing through innovative activity and meaningful partnerships.

VCSE organisations involved:

Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton organisation logo

The Prevention Through Community Project has been set up by Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton to support any older person in Liverpool who is feeling lonely or isolated. The service will be varied to meet people’s needs, whether this is one to one support, someone to talk to regularly or a chance to meet new people, have some fun and maybe even learn a new skill! 

For more information call 0151 330 5678 or visit

Four elderly people holding the Age Concern Liverpool and Sefton logo


Citizens Advice Liverpool logo

Our project, a partnership between Citizens Advice Liverpool, Irish Community Care and Granby Toxteth Development Trust, will deliver advice and support to the Irish traveller/Gypsy and Roma communities, working to promote their welfare and inclusion across the city.

For further information about the project visit or email Emma Nibbs 


Citizens Advice Liverpool silhouettes of people with different abilities


FareShare organisation logo

FareShare Merseyside is working with Life Rooms to increase the amount of food available to vulnerable people across Liverpool. The partnership will tackle hunger in the city and support the mental wellbeing of local communities, helping to prevent the stress, anxiety and social isolation that often come hand-in-hand with food insecurity 

For more information about the project visit or contact Claire Williams 

Image of a FareShare worker holding a crate of oranges in front of a FareShare van


Imagine Independence logo

You Can do it will operate in Speke/Garston, Clubmoor/Norris Green and Princess Park ward and will focus on improving physical health.
Physical Health Programmes will be available for residents living in these areas who are experiencing poor mental health. Programmes will include raising awareness of the impact of poor physical health on mental health; establishing person centred physical activity plans; encouraging physical health checks; exploring issues impacting on mental health and signposting to services; encouraging participation in sports and leisure and access to community gardening projects.
Programmes will be open to family members and will be delivered by local organisations.

For more information about the project visit
Or contact Elaine Mather Elaine Mather 

Imagine Independence project You Can Do It illustration

Merseyside Society for Deaf People organisation logo

Liverpool for the Deaf and Deaf-blind Community to reduce social isolation, increase confidence, wellbeing and fitness. For more information about the project visit 

Contact: Janice Connolly, MSDP, or Katie Godfrey, Deaf Active,

Torus Foundation organisation logo

Torus Foundation is delighted to be launching ‘Look aHead’, a mental health training progamme for over 300 parents across Liverpool. Training will be delivered through experienced trainers, Interface Enterprises, with local community organisations identifying and supporting families to get involved. The training will enable parents to recognise common mental health issues and understand how to provide non-judgemental support, reassurance, and guidance. Following the course, parents will be encouraged to meet monthly with a facilitator, providing a supportive environment to share experiences and build resilience.  

For further information or to register to join, please contact the Look aHead team via and visit:

Look aHEAD Torus Foundation Image.jpeg


YMCA together logo

YMCA Together will be delivering the ‘Good Day Programme’ at Dutch Farm for people experiencing homelessness, providing a range of activities to improve mental and physical health in a supportive and nurturing environment. The project hopes to plant the first seeds of improving people’s mental wellbeing and provide people experiencing homelessness with a change of scenery where they may be able to view the world a little differently and see that there’s hope for a brighter future.

We believe this journey begins by experiencing ‘a good day’.

For more information about the project please visit or email 

YMCA Together Dutch Farm


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