The table below includes a list of courses and description, to give you a better understanding of what to expect at the session. 

Course Description
Acting Up

An introduction to drama/acting skills. A great way to build confidence, meet new people, learn acting skills, and have some fun.

Allotment We have our own allotment at Southport. A great opportunity to get outdoors, meet new people and take part in the running of an allotment. You can attend independently at 18 Moss Rd Halsall, Southport, PR8 4HZ

Arts Group

Learn new skills to make your own creations come to life!  With the guidance from our wonderfully talented volunteers.
Art for Wellbeing Art for wellbeing is a social group that allows people to come together to socialise, draw and get crafty. There will be a different theme each week so get your creative caps out and join us.  
Arts sessions Our artsy, talented volunteers will help you to unlock your creative side and make your very own works of art. You will do a mixture of arts and crafts. A great chance to relax and have a good natter while you work. All skill levels welcome!
Basic IT and Internet sessions

Do you want to learn how to use computers better, at a level to suit you? Improve your skills for using the internet and various computer programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Body Fit This low to medium intensity session is a cardio workout which will increase our heart rate whilst also building up strength and flexibility all through our body.  Body Fit is fun and gives you a great feel good factor.  The workout will end with a little stretch and relaxation
Ceramics and Hand Building with Clay In partnership with the Bluecoat, this five week course explores ceramics and hand building with clay to produce your own individual ceramic artwork. 
Chess Group Start as a beginner and who knows? You may become the Grandmaster. Develop your analytical skills and confidence in the game of Chess
Clay Model Making Basic clay modelling techniques.
Confidence and Assertiveness This two part course aims to give a better understanding of what confidence and assertiveness is and explores some tips and tricks to boost our confidence and help us speak up for ourselves.
Confidence Through Drama A fun and easy going drama workshop that uses games to build confidence and explore creativity. There’s a different focus each week with the Liverpool Everyman & the Playhouse
Crafts Group This two part course aims to give a better understanding of what confidence and assertiveness is and explores some tips and tricks to boost our confidence and help us speak up for ourselves.
Creative Writing with the Everyman & Playhouse The joy of writing for wellbeing is that nobody will judge your work, it’s not a classroom and you will never be asked to show your writing. In Creative Writing, we spend time using prompts to connect with feelings and different issues.
Crochet and Chat A cosy social group where you can meet others and learn how to crochet. All abilities welcome.
Crochet for Beginners Learn how to crochet in a friendly class. All abilities are welcome.
Dance with Movema World Dance and Movement sessions ran by ‘Movema’ an award-winning North West community dance company.
Discover Song with Liverpool Philharmonic In the course we will explore the use of words in music from Beethoven to the Beatles! We will look at music from different countries and from different composers, discussing if words in music really make a difference. No musical experience required!
Discover the Orchestra with Liverpool Philharmonic Working in partnership with Liverpool Philharmonic over 6 weeks, we would like to offer you the chance to Discover the Orchestra including learning about different instruments, music theory and how an orchestra works. No musical experience is required!  The Course will also feature a co-creation session to incorporate members ideas into the course design.
Employability Skills This is a course to get you ready for life in the workplace. Discussing communication skills, CV writing, interview techniques and assistance with applying for jobs.
Exploring Music Working in partnership with Liverpool Philharmonic over 6 weeks, we would like to offer you the chance to Explore Music including musical improvisation,  playing as part of an ensemble, music theory and practical music-making. No experience is required, although students can bring their own instruments if they wish. Small percussion instruments will be available to use in sessions. The Course will also feature a co-creation session to incorporate members ideas into the course design.
Five Ways to Wellbeing

This session explores the 5 ways to wellbeing: this is a recognised list of ways we can actively bring significant positive change in our lives. They are: Connect, Be Active, Keep Learning, Help Others and Take Notice. “Time and time again, scientific studies have shown us that if we do these five things, we can improve our mental health and wellbeing.”

Gardening Group Always fancied gardening but never had much of a green thumb? Come along to the Walton Liferooms Garden to meet new people, get some exercise, and pick up some gardening tips. All levels welcome.
Get Your Groove On A full body aerobic workout, participants can choose their intensity by how much they move to the music.  It is a fun and easy way to get active!
Healthier You Healthier You aims to support you with making manageable and sustainable changes to your lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your fitness, make healthier food choices, or learn about nutrition, this course could be for you. The sessions provide a safe environment to reflect on how you’ve been getting on, as well as making plans for the time ahead.
Let's Chat - Coffee Morning Come and have a brew and enjoy the company of others as we talk around a theme which is different each week, such as our favourite music or movies. This is a social and gentle group, and all are welcome.
Life Rooms Bingo  A fun group themed bingo game!
Life Rooms Quiz Test your general knowledge and join us for the monthly Life Rooms Quiz.
Living Life to the Full Do you feel that you have a negative thinking style that gets in your way? Our lives are full of opportunities – but we need to be able to recognise them when
they come along.  This course is full of practical exercises, tools and insight that can help you to live well.
Managing Anxiety This session is a great follow on from attending understanding anxiety or as a standalone session for those who simply wish to learn the techniques, strategies, and tips to help keep anxiety under control
Men's Mental Health This two part course aims to get a better understanding of issues surrounding men’s mental health, and how we can help look after our own mental wellbeing as men.
Mental Health Awareness This session is about developing an awareness of issues surrounding mental health, including stigma, as well as helping those in distress.
Mental Health Resilience This session aims to support you in developing an awareness of some issues surrounding mental health and how we might offer help to someone in need.
Mindful Stretching Mindful stretching is a session to focus the mind and body, linking breathing techniques with movement, balance and stretching. There is a short mobilisation and warm up at the start, and an eight to ten minute relaxation at the end.
Monoprinting Techniques with The Bluecoat Display Centre The Bluecoat Display Centre will show you various monoprinting techniques using leaves, flowers and everyday found objects. Experimenting with background composition, colours, layers and stencils and they will also show you collage techniques. A5 cards or mini prints will be created for everybody to take home at the end of each workshop session.
Music Appreciation If you like music then this is the group for you! Our Music Appreciation session is a sociable session and is a chance to share, listen and discuss music with others. This is a relaxed and welcoming group where we suggest music relating to a chosen theme, and enjoy listening and discussing one another’s choices. 
My Story with Liverpool Museum The workshop should be a fun participative session in which the group will create a little box of ‘Their Story’ to take away.
Please bring in material to help with the workshop -  
 – objects/paper items etc to represent your lives from last couple of years. Examples might be flyer, letter, your phone, a pet, a piece of writing you did etc.
You will be putting it in a box to keep safe so if you don’t want to bring it or put it in the box (you might not want to put your phone in a box!) bring something to represent that (a picture/the instructions leaflet, or we’ll just do a picture or make a pretend phone at the session!). If you can’t find anything don’t worry. 
NEA: Energy Advice and Information With energy prices rising, this session will provide advice and information on fuel poverty and provide energy saving tips and advice. 
Photography Workshop The Story of Liverpool Through Its Trees photography course. An opportunity to create a history of Liverpool through its trees, using personal stories and photography with Open Eye Gallery and Dot-Art. Over 3 workshops, you will learn new photography skills, explore local trees, share stories and have conversations about local green spaces.
Poetry and Life Writing with Maria Isakova-Bennett This session is run by our very own Life Rooms Poet in Residence, Maria Isakova-Bennett. The session aims to help you develop creative and expressive writing skills which can in turn build your confidence and social interaction with others. Poetry and Life Writing is suitable for all! You will be welcome to reflect and feedback on others work and you will be invited to aim towards having your work submitted for publication.
Qi Gong with Movema Learners will learn how to experience and control their own personal energy. A Meditation class for all abilities. Delivered by Movema , a recognised Merseyside cultural dance company.
Self Esteem This two part session will help you learn about self esteem and the factors that impact on it, as well as fighting that ‘inner critic’ and learning ways to improve our self esteem.
Shared Reading with The Reader Shared Reading sessions are run by a trained ‘Reader Leader’, who reads out a piece of literature; everyone is then invited to share their thoughts and feelings, or any memories evoked by the reading. Members of the group are invited to take part in reading or can just listen. The group is open to all.
Sit Fit

A workout to be done in your chair to get your heart rate up and engage your muscles! The class will last around 45 minutes with an optional 10-minute relaxation section afterwards. This is a great session to get you feeling stronger and fitter with the added benefit of the feel-good factor that exercise brings! 

Stop Smoking with Smoke Free Sefton

If you – or someone you care about – live or work in Sefton and want to stop smoking, the drop in with smoke free Sefton provides advice, support and therapy you need to help you break the habit.

Supersing with Liverpool Philharmonic Liverpool Philharmonic Supersing is a fun and friendly course where you will meet people, learn new skills and sing well known and much loved classical choral music. No previous singing experience is required!
Table Tennis and Board Game Social  It's important to have a social activity, especially when your mental wellbeing has taken a knock.  Come along to our welcoming and friendly session to have a game of Table Tennis or play a board game  
Ted Talks: Discussion Group Online Ted Talks are so interesting, but we don't always have the chance to chat about the different viewpoints on what we have seen.  That's where this course comes in.
Treasure Your Wellbeing Wellbeing isn't just about how you think; it's about how you connect to the world around you mental, physically, spiritually, etc. Come along to the course to learn tips for improving your overall wellbeing!
Tree of Life In this session you will use creativity to explore and name the elements of The Tree of Life, explore the role of reflection in our own life journey and identify our strengths and skills to move forward in life.
Ukulele  Beginners and more experienced players are all welcome in our fun and sociable ukulele session. 
Understanding Anxiety You will be guided to recognise and understand the potential triggers, causes and effect of your anxiety. You will also look at how anxiety keeps itself going through the ‘vicious cycle’. Most people who have attended this course like to further develop their knowledge by enrolling onto our managing anxiety course.
Understanding Depression Increase your understanding of depression through learning about the facts and myths around the causes and effects, the signs and symptoms and strategies for coping with depression.
Understanding Psychosis Develop your understanding through learning about the facts and myths, the positive and negative symptoms, and ways to treat psychosis through the bio-psycho-social approach, as well as important lifestyle changes that could help.
Understanding Sleep In this session we aim to better understand why we need sleep, the causes of insomnia and the things we can do to try to improve our sleep routines.
Walking Group Walking is an easy way to get more active, lose weight and become healthier.  The Life Rooms walking group allows you to get more active with others whilst taking time to appreciate the views on the route and maybe chat to others in the group.
What's on... Enrolement Days Our enrolment days are a chance to meet the Life Rooms team, find out about our latest timetables and book onto sessions for the month ahead. 
Women's Mental Health  Learners will get the opportunity to discuss mental health, diagnosis and life opportunity can impact on men differently. A safe space for women to meet, form friendships and talk about their own experiences.