The Life Rooms Social Model of Health is delivered in Liverpool through a three-pillar approach to support learning, social prescribing, and community.

To further support our three-pillar approach to health and wellbeing, we’ve commissioned VCSE organisations in Liverpool to help address identified areas of need within our communities.

Together, we will work to prevent the impacts of social factors from having a negative effect on the health and wellbeing of people in Liverpool.

Areas of identified need

The Life Rooms micro-commissioning support is aimed at targeting the cost-of-living crisis and how this impacts health and wellbeing, with particular emphasis around helping to support:

  1. Those who are unemployed, or employed on precarious short-term contracts
  2. Families (including working families)
  3. Single parents or carers (this could include grandparents caring for vulnerable children, and those caring for relatives)
  4. Elderly, isolated people

The VCSE organisations that we have commissioned have demonstrated that they are able to support one of the above categories (1-4) in terms of:

  • Food poverty
  • Fuel poverty
  • Accommodation (to include the support of those who are or about to become homeless)
  • Employment

Throughout the commission, The Life Rooms’ Research Team will gather and analyse data to measure the reach, impact and successes of each of our commissioned organisations in supporting communities in Liverpool.

Our commissioned VCSE organisations

The Life Rooms have awarded funding to the following organisations for a 12-month period: