What is recovery learning?

Recovery learning is a journey of understanding that supports you to manage and explore what mental ill health is.

Recovery learning is about listening, sharing and celebrating our differences while supporting each other in a journey that promotes hope, choice and opportunity.

Our courses are co-produced and co-delivered to capture as many experiences as possible. By sharing our experiences we are better informed and more able to support you. We are different to traditional education because our courses are designed and delivered by people who have experienced mental ill health or worked in mental health services. We understand.

Through periods of mental distress or illness we can experience feelings of hopelessness, a lack of control or opportunities available to us. At Recovery College we work with you to create opportunities and restore hope through learning.

  • Choice – the courses you attend should be chosen by you. We believe you are the best person to know what aids your recovery. We don’t replace any medical treatment or advice but we can be a useful accompaniment to your recovery. When you choose what you want to know more about, you take control of your own journey
  • Hope – lots of our staff will be able to share their experiences of living with a mental health diagnosis. Our courses aim to teach strategies to help you to manage symptoms and improve your quality of life
  • Opportunities – we aim to ignite passions and provide you with chances to expand on your learning. You can then continue these experiences in the wider community, we will help you to identify opportunities to further develop your interests beyond the Recovery College

The easiest way to enrol onto our courses is by completing our online enrolment form.