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What is the Understanding Substance Misuse course about?

Alcohol and drugs appear to be everywhere. There are so many different types; it’s hard to know what is what and whether it is safe. Are all the rumours you hear true?

Join us in a judgment free environment to filter out the facts from the myths. In this session you will be able to talk with others who want to learn more about acceptable levels of use and the risks of addiction. We will also identify different drugs and their properties.

After completing these sessions you will be able to:

  • Identify the facts and myths of drugs and alcohol
  • Discuss levels of use risks of addiction
  • Identify different drugs and their properties

Why should I attend?

Anyone who wants to learn more about how drugs and alcohol can affect our lives in a safe and controlled environment.

Who will be there?

Tutors experienced in working in addictions services will be supported by volunteers.


This course is one session.

If you feel you need more information on alcohol you can read our self help guides, by clicking HERE.


To find out when the next session for this course is available please visit our timetable.