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What is the Having the Conversation course about?

Would you like to get the most from your care and to make sure your voice is heard?

This course is designed to empower people in recovery who use NHS services.

We will help you to identify key approaches to enable positive relationships, find your own strategies for communication with people who provide services and deliver care and measure our experiences against NHS England’s 6 C’s statement of values.

After completing these sessions you will be able to:

  • Be able to identify and reflect on your own strategies for communication.
  • Understand key approaches that enable positive relationships with people who provide services and deliver care.
  • Measure the quality of our relationships against the commitments set out in NHS England’s ‘6 C’s’ statement of values

Who should attend?

Anyone who uses health services

Who will be there?

Experienced facilitators from Mersey Care


This session is three hours long

If you feel you need more support you can read our self help guides, by clicking HERE.


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